Why You Should Invest in Expensive Shoes

Do you consider expensive shoes an unnecessary expense? Well, maybe not exactly. It’s common to find people with well kept wardrobes that didn’t cost them much, but when the time comes for purchasing classy shoes, then you should expect to spend considerably more time and money selecting them. But is it worth while spending money on quality shoes?

The whole point in purchasing expensive shoes is the time factor, good quality shoes will definitely last you longer than low end cheap shoes. Imagine the difference between 80 bucks shoes and 160 bucks shoes, expensive shoes will definitely last you much longer than cheap shoes.

Similarly, what’s the point of purchasing a $360 shoe without a shine that looks like a $80 discount store purchase! Purchasing expensive shoes means that you get more than just a shoe, you get a brand name, this often means quality craftsmanship.

Most quality shoes are usually made by hand, this creates the biggest difference between them and mass produced shoes because they’re sewn carefully ensuring quality seams and lastly guaranteeing a quality finish. Handmade shoes generally have minimal manufacturing defects, superior overall finish and are durable. The minute details added to the finish makes for an extra style element and also contribute to enhanced durability.

Besides the quality and durability factor, what is the other reason to purchase expensive shoes? The other reason to invest in good classy shoes is definitely to impress the ladies! There’s no arguing about this, women will evaluate you and form a judgment based on the type of shoes you’re wearing. You definitely want to make a good and lasting impression on your woman and especially a woman you’re meeting for the first time.

Wearing exclusive shoes will definitely help polish your image. This image can make a big difference between a normal man and a man with expensive shoes in the first stages of dating. In addition, note that poor quality shoes are especially noticeable when a man is well dressed because of the contrast it creates. Women will notice details such as cheap shoes, and it is therefore worth spending the extra dollars to buy higher quality shoes. Not only will women look down, notice the shoes and be impressed with them, but they might even see potential in a man with good taste for footwear.

Low-priced shoes are usually associated with cheap mannerisms and women usually don’t like cheap men. So when a woman looks at a man’s shoes, she will analyze them. If he is wearing cheap shoes, then she may come to the conclusion that he is a cheap person; not frugal, but cheap. This may seem pretty far fetched, but in fact, it isn’t. Ask a female friend and you will be surprised about her opinion on the matter. Simply take this advice and don’t lose out on a hot member of the opposite sex because you didn’t want to spend a few extra dollars on quality shoes.

Besides the cash factor, women generally love dating exclusive and classy looking men. This attraction is partly attributed to the fact that for years the male folk didn’t care about their wardrobe. With the more freedom women have, they’ll now date men they fancy and such men will wear nice shoes. Style can never be a substitute for personality but having classy shoes will surely give you an edge when it comes to attracting the ladies esp. on a first date but it’s never the perfect solution.