What Your Shoe Style Says About You

Studies show that a lot of knowledge can be gained about a person by the kinds of shoes they wear. Shoes can help decide the wearer’s age, gender, and income along with subtle character quirks. Since a shoe says so much about a personality, many people decide to dress their shoes up with clips and accessories, like bows for shoes.

Vans are a versatile shoe that can go well with any type of shorts or pants. They embody the essence of casual, comfortable, and a little bit sporty without sacrificing cool. Vans can be worn to the beach or to the club. They are associated most with skateboarders and can carry a “dude” connotation.

However, it has become chic for girls to pull of the Vans look while still maintaining a girlish vibe. Vans are even common to be combined with formal wear. Girls prom dresses and women on their wedding day choose Vans instead of heels to stay comfortable while being stylish and trendy.

Flip flops carry a super relaxed and casual vibe. However, many people disdain flip-flops, meaning a flip-flop wearer can be hated by their peers. Nowadays, people say that flip-flops only belong at the beach. Doctors and chiropractor bash flip-flops for all the terrible things they do to the spine.

But guess what? Flip flops are ultimately comfortable. Over time, they form to feet patterns. When a favorite pair of well-worn flip-flops inevitably fall apart, it is a day of mourning. Flip flops are very convenient, especially in the summer. They can be easily slipped on and off and go with any outfit. A person who wears flip-flops ignores the haters and does what is comfortable.

High-Tops can come off as standoffs and introverted to some people. Wearers of high-tops can find it hard to be agreeable or conscientious. The outfit that is being worn with high-tops can change that opinion, however. For example, if a guy or girl is wearing high-tops with a business suit, then the person is willing to bend the rules and have some fun.

Women who wear heels are considered to be ultimately stylish and possibly earn more money than the average woman. These women care about their appearance and have the money to buy expensive shoes. Especially high heels that have the iconic red sole, which says the owner spent a great deal of money on the pair.

High heels can be very uncomfortable to wear, so favorable impressions of women in heels can be shattered if the woman is wobbling or tripping in her heels. Also, heels are against the feminist movement. For centuries, women’s fashion has included clothes that are confining or constricting in some way. Instead of corsets, heels are the modern version.

People who wear shoes that are very well worn are found to be more extroverted and emotionally stable. They do not care about the appearance of their shoes, as long as they are comfortable and happy with them. However, when worn out shoes need to be repaired badly; people may think the wearer is conscientious but standoffs.

This opinion can be changed by repairing the shoe or adding a little bring to it. Shoe accessories can drastically improve the appearance of worn out shoes and show that the wearer likes to be comfortable, but still appreciates style.

Shoes that are bright and bedazzled with accessories create a very favorable impression of the wearer. This person is usually extroverted and exciting to be around. Everyone desires the kind of friend who cares about their shoe ware and puts effort into making every pair of shoes unique and fashionable.