Shoe Style Through the Decades

all of these since time began everything has changed and will continue to as far as time goes. Clothing and footwear will always sell and this is why we have so many fashion trends and styles that move on frequently.

Women and men like to wear good quality footwear and make sure that they are in keeping with the fashion trends of the time. Looking at how they have evolved from the 1940’s is very interesting because all of the styles featured have been revived or remodelled to fit into today’s modern times and trends.

It is funny to see old styles coming back into fashion. Mixed with modern outfits, most of these have also been adapted from different periods in time. One of the first changes to styles in shoes was in the 1920’s. This saw a more practical heeled shoe for ladies become more prevalent due to the increase in popularity of Charleston dancing. This energetic dance required more sturdy footwear so featured a small heel with the toes covered and a strap towards the ankle making them secure. This later went on to inspire the Mary Jane heels that we are familiar with still today.

The 1930’s saw brogues become popular among men. With their distinct style modelled by famous dancers, men wanted to copy this and make a statement. Brogues were famous for featuring small detail in the stitching with wingtips and derby lacing making them instantly recognisable. Brogues have only recently just come back into fashion again but this time they are preferred by girls. They can be worn with just about anything and create an interesting look.

Skipping forward to the 1970’s where platform shoes were all the rage, this era may sound familiar. It should because although today’s varieties may not be quite as garish and bright as they were in the 70’s the still have the same principle. This is to add extra inches onto already high heels, being able to tower above. The shops are filled with this style currently as it is one of the biggest footwear trends around. If you look back to a style from any decade you will be able to find a similar one in today’s vast shoe market and if not then you might want to get designing before someone else does.