Different Types of International Shoes

These days, you can find different types of shoes on the market. All will have their own benefits, unique advantages and features, but they will have negative elements as well. Of course, you cannot assume that every shoe type will be perfect for everyone. Since you will find endless types, styles and colors to choose from, it could be difficult to find the ideal pair of shoes.

To know more about the basic shoes types available on the market nowadays, you should fully understand the general purpose of footwear. Footwear or shoes are worn for 3 basic reasons: protection, support and decoration. However, all shoes types will not serve every purpose at the same time. The truth is that, certain types of shoes will be designed just for one purpose.

The first shoes had been designed to give protection to our feet whilst walking. They are now called sandals and had been created more than 10,000 years ago. As you can imagine, these shoes will not provide the same amount of protection or support like the ones on the market right now.

Several types of shoes are designed for all genders and ages. The tennis

Picking Shoes for Preteens

It makes me laugh with pride when my 10 and 12-year old’s say, “Mum, I need new shoes, my foot’s too big again!” At times I could scream, especially when their feet grow from a size 2 to a size 4 in six weeks. I guess this is just a sign of them having healthy bones (that’s my opinion anyway). What makes me laugh even more is when they say, “Mum, can I get a pair with wheels?” or “Mum, can I get a pair of shoes that have lights?”. What is up with that? I didn’t even know such a shoe existed, I certainly haven’t seen them advertised anywhere. So when building one of my favourite sites I decided to write some content that would showcase these shoes.

Don’t worry parents, if you don’t know the sizes of your pre teens’ feet, have them trace their own feet and measure them with a ruler that way, you can covert the sizes and then shop online with confidence!

My daughter is going through a phase whereby, trendy looking top sneakers are her thing. She particularly likes the leather high tops as she said they give her

Sexy Pleaser Shoes Are Fantastic

In the last few years Pleaser Shoes has made a name for themselves and have opened its umbrella to an unrivaled variety of dressy, elegant, fashionable, sensual and retro styles. Regularly featured, because Luscious Shoes are the epitome of instant glamor. Notably elegant, the glitzy and cutting-edge footwear with unique details and novel touches, is hand crafted with the most gorgeous materials and superb workmanship.

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without fun Funtasma footwear that everyone will be screaming about! Funtasma footwear caters to all age groups of both male and female, with styles ranging from traditional children’s Dorothy shoes & princess glass slippers, to men’s Pirate and Super hero themed boots, to an extensive selection of women’s sexy, costume specific, boots and shoes. Whatever the costume, Funtasma has the perfect style to complete the outfit. Step into Halloween fun in Funtasma footwear that everyone will be screaming about!

Its meaning, female demon, does not exclude the male fans of Demonia’s underground culture. Demonia’s creators take inspiration from every aspect of the alternative lifestyle. When it comes to alternative shoe needs, Demonia is one of the premium brands customers think of. It not only reflects the

What Your Shoes Say About Your Style

Whether we are talking about color, style, designs or anything else it tells the world and those who care to know so much about the wearer.

Talking about heels, they are basically used to lift up oneself whether this is the artificial height of even the status of ones social standing. It emerges that the size of your heels says quite a bit about your confidence. Stiletto for example can differentiate the plain Jane from a lady whose taste and glamour in fashion is quite refined. There is even today what is called the stiletto personality and you can tell if one is a regular wearer of them by the way she walks in them.

Ladies who are down to earth more often than not wear wedges and even when they are fashionable, they convey a message that they can actually go down and anything at whatever level down there. The wearer of wedges knows how to combine fashion with a down to earth lifestyle all in one package. Platforms on the other hand talk about a person who prefers a high style but also has a place for comfort. They appear to be mid ground

How to Customize Your Shoes

Every girl likes to changeup her wardrobe now and again, but unfortunately budgets don’t always allow for the purchasing of all-new sets of clothes and shoes on a regular basis. Thankfully, the booming popularity of crafts as a hobby has resulted in a wide range of customization options on the market for fashion lovers to experiment with.

Customizing shoes is one trend that has taken off massively in recent years. With inexpensive and plain shoes available in abundance, shoppers are more than ever choosing to use shoe accessories, dyes and other craft products to add a truly personal touch to their footwear instead of splashing out on more costly designs and brands.

One of the best ways to customize your shoes is with the addition of shoe clips. These shoe accessories are a great way to add unique style to footwear without making any permanent changes. Shoe clips come in a range of materials and designs – from bows and flowers to studs and chains – and can be attached in any place on any shoe.

Shoe accessories such as clips are applied to any footwear by simply clipping them on the sides, fronts, backs,

The Beauty of the Beautifeel Shoes

If you’ve been living on the moon (or under a rock – whatever the case) for the last 10-15 years, you might have not heard of the beautifeel shoes. And that’s ok, but I’m telling you, if that’s case than you’ve really been missing out on something. Until some years ago, comfortable shoes meant ugly shoes. They felt great, but you didn’t get much pleasure out of looking down at your feet while wearing them. They where not Beautifeel Shoes.

When they first came out, in 1990, they changed that. No longer you had to suffer just in order to look good. These days you can have both style and comfort in one pair of shoes. Now I know that may surprise you a bit, but it’s true. They use a mix of natural materials to build comfort and to create the perfect position for your feet. And above all that greatness, there’s that touch of beauty, elegance and style we all enjoy looking at. As the President of BeautiFeel Shoes, Ami Bar-Nahor states: “BeautiFeel women do not have to compromise – they can have the best of both worlds. They can wear well-fitted, comfortable shoes and still look

Stylish Shoes

A pair of classic but glamorous court shoes or pumps is an out and out must have in any woman’s wardrobe that wants to look her best at the drop of a hat.  Court shoes are often referred to as pumps. If you have your boss on the phone giving you instructions to attend a last minute meeting with new clients then you need a pair of shoes you can grab and go.

Court shoes with any height of heel are a great little standby, with a medium heel they are heaven to wear and are a good all rounder. Pumps are the perfect shoes for emergency business meetings or casual evening wear.  These are the shoes you reach for when you have no idea what to wear and you know you need to wear something comfortable. Make sure you have a black pair in your wardrobe and you can class them in the same league as your little black dress.  And if you invest in good quality court shoes or pumps, with a medium heel, you’ll have a timeless wear anywhere pair of shoes in your wardrobe.

Court shoes can be functional or glamorous and