Help To Find The Perfect Shoe

Finding the perfect shoe for any occasion can prove to be difficult for both men and women but we could also all agree on the fact that the right pair of shoes will enhance and possibly complete the look of any wardrobe or ensemble.

Comfort is a very important factor especially since we spend hour, upon hour on our feet. Normally, one would think that comfortable shoes are boring and not fashionable but luckily, that’s not the case any longer thanks to numerous designers who are now incorporating comfort with style. The key is allowing yourself plenty of time in your journey to discover the perfect shoe; one that’s affordable, stylish, and easy to wear.

Many designers would probably be surprised with how much effort consumers put into finding that perfect pair of shoes. It is a time-consuming task because many people will travel from store to store, spend hours searching online and yet still come up empty-handed.

Firstly try to have an open mind. Sometimes you’ll see a celebrity, a magazine ad, or a television commercial that tricks you into thinking that you must have these particular shoes, but maybe they’re not suitable for you at all

Have a look at some fashion pictures in magazines and be sure to visit some designer shoe sites on the internet and see the different colors and styles that are offered. Ask advice from family members and friends; some may even have similar tastes to your own and provide some insightful observations. Always remember, just because they look good on someone else, or in a picture doesn’t mean the shoes are right for you.

Start with a color choice first.

Although designers are using lots of color now sometimes you just won’t be able to find the exact color you are trying to match to your outfit. Even if you are lucky enough to match the color exactly to your ensemble, chances are they won’t match with anything else in your closet

Opt for a more neutral color; also try to narrow down the style of shoe you really like, is comfortable and suits your foot.

If you’re heading to the beach resort for a weekend, pick out some strappy sandals or something with an open toe. Just because you spot the perfect lime green stiletto which matches your sarong, doesn’t mean it’s suitable for lounging by the ocean.

If you have a canary yellow beaded gown to wear to a co-workers wedding, don’t shell out the extra bucks for a pair of designer sneakers just so your feet won’t be sore by the end of an evening when you plan on doing a lot of dancing! Each style matches side by side with each occasion.

Take the time to browse online, the choice is endless or for a more tactile experience visit shoe stores.

Shoe buying should never be a rushed occasion. Don’t be shy to ask the sales clerk for help, or an opinion. They’re trained to help you! They may suggest something that’s not on display, or even a pair you may have overlooked because they weren’t to your immediate liking.

You’d be surprised at how many options are available that you may grow to love even if you’ve never worn a style like it before.

When you find a pair that are to your liking and that are suitable for the purpose, before you try them on, bend the shoe in front of the arch; it should be flexible for ease in walking and the sole behind that area should be strong and sturdy. Push onto the padding in the shoe, it should have a little give to ensure comfort.

Now, you can try them on; both of them! One foot may be larger than the other, and you really can’t tell how they feel by hopping around on one foot. Trying on both shoes at once can also ensure that they are comfortable on your knees and back as well. Look in the mirror as you walk; using a full-length mirror. Most shoe stores have small mirrors in the front of the little stools you sit on, but every store has a full-length mirror as well so you can check your posture and see if the dress-hem or pants leg sits perfectly.