Get Some Gabor Shoes And Reveal Your Style

Men as well as women are much more fashion conscious than their parents and grandparents generation. In medieval times those who could afford it would spend hours dressing for effect. This was true for both men and women and yet by the time the nineteenth century came along, men seemed to have given up the need to compete with women and began dressing in plain drab suits.

Just looking at some ancient newsreels of the early twentieth century and you will see businessmen going to work in grey or black suits with matching colour shoes. The Victorian era was a great time for invention and industrial production. During the reign of Queen Victoria the car was invented as well as the aeroplane. From horse drawn vehicles to flying machines was an enormous leap and came all in one lifetime.

Some things in life never change; they only evolve and sometimes complete the circle. Designers of all products come and go and during their lifetime they may make slight changes but as the saying goes, ‘you cannot reinvent the wheel.’

Boots, like those found at gabor shoes, have some in a style which look remarkably like boots discovered in an ancient Egyptian tomb. During the intervening two thousand years or so the boot probably evolved through different shapes and materials but now we have completed the circle to those Egyptian days. That reminds me of the annoying expression about your granny knows best!

One thing that never seems to change is the natural materials used in boot and shoe making. One of the oldest surviving crafts is that of the cobbler. It seems you cannot better leather and sheepskin in the manufacture of boots and shoes. Synthetic materials are useful in sports shoes such as trainers and also useful for strengthening the sole. However, if you have the money to buy bespoke handmade shoes from one of the last remaining shoemakers in the expensive streets of the West End of London, you will almost certainly find that the entire shoe including the sole is one hundred per cent quality leather.

Like the wheel, full leather shoes cannot be beaten. Obviously there is scope for designers to craft different shapes and styles but a boot is still a boot and the function is always the same. There is little more uncomfortable than an ill-fitting boot. The average British soldier was hugely jealous of the boots the German troops wore in the Second World War.

Gabor shoes come in all shapes and sizes. The materials used look fantastic and the comfort of these boots is second to none. There is something very reassuring about boots which you do not get with shoes. This is probably the feeling of protection you get when your whole foot including the ankle is fully supported. A mountain climber would never wear anything other than boots on his feet. One of the most common accidents to present at Accident and Emergency departments is a twisted or broken ankle and this is often the result of something as silly as slipping on the pavement.