For the Love of Shoes

If you are a shoe “faddy”, then you simply have to have a fashionable collection of every conceivable style and colour of shoes. These can range from flat “slip-ons” to the most elegant of handcrafted and beautifully made evening shoes. There is simply a shoe for every occasion. Some match your handbags; some will be the same colour as the outfit that you are wearing.

There are shoes that look revolting! But are, oh so comfortable; there are others that pinch your toes and you would just love to kick them off. This of course is simply not possible, as they happen to be particularly good looking and just right for that occasion!

There are shoes that cost you more than a month’s salary. They were so irresistible that of course you couldn’t possibly leave them in the shop for somebody else to fall in love with. Then you have a lucky day. There is a shoe sale at your favourite shoe shop. You wander in; you are only going to look because you really have enough shoes in your shoe wardrobe. Once again you fall in love. Not with one pair, but with three pairs. They were so inexpensive, less than half price per pair. Goodbye budget, so you will have to cut down on your food allocation for the month; maybe for next month as well? This will help you to get back on track with expenditure.

Nowadays shoes can be made from a vast assortment of materials, the most common ranging from leather, plastic or actual material.

The wearing of foot covering dates back to the cavemen. Those early people found it essential to have something to protect them when hunting, or else to keep the cold out. In order to do this they tied animal skins or fur around their feet. As time went by, they also made a foot covering out of woven grass.

The Egyptians and the Greeks became more innovative and developed sandals. Leather soles tied with a thong was the fashion of the time. The Romans used the same type of style, with the thongs being interlaced up the leg as far as the knee. These went very fashionably with the “togas” that were worn at that time. When the wealthier Romans used to enter a house, they removed their sandals and put on banqueting slippers that were called “soleae”.

Through the centuries, shoes were always items of fashion. As time went by, the toes became pointier, with silk and brocade being used for ladies evening shoes. Some were heavily embroidered. Others being made in velvet and some adorned with jewels. There were even ones with little bows on them. As time went by, little heels joined the fashion of ladies shoes, though on the whole, the pointed toes were still the style of the day. The pointed toes of the shoes did differ from century to century.