Classic Aigle Boots Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to shoes, styles come and styles go. However, the best styles are timeless beauties that endure – lasting for generation after generation. This is certainly the case when it comes to the Aigle brand name in footwear, as it is classic in every sense of the word.

Aigle footwear was established way back in the mid 1800s by Hiram Hutchinson, an American who took his idea for high quality footwear to France. Today the brand stands for unparalleled quality combined with outstanding design and impeccable workmanship. Characterised by their high quality vulcanised natural rubber outers, Aigle boots are as popular today as they were over 100 years ago. Aigle is recognised the world over as the one single company to offer the best top quality and design in rubber footwear.

Nearly every pair of shoes and boots made by Aigle are still being hand crafted in France. Aigle is also recognised as being number one in the world for the manufacturer of the highest quality hunting boots (the Parcours model) as well as horseback riding boots (the Eucyer model). Aigle is also leading Europe in the manufacturer of the best nautical boots worn by the world’s top sailors who enjoy them for their comfort, grip and durability on the high seas.

Aigle as a corporation is keenly aware of how important it is to take care of the earth and our environment. To prove this, the company has gone out of its way to minimise its ecological impact by using recycled materials for the insides of its footwear to both save energy and to reduce greenhouse gases.

Aigle makes a wide range of boots and shoes for men, women and children. Aigle boots are made to protect people from the elements as they partake in a variety of outdoor activities. There are three common principles adhered to when it comes to making Aigle footwear: quality, function and classic elegance. No matter what your age, your tastes or your level of outdoor activity, there is sure to be a pair of Aigles made just for you.

If you adore wellingtons, and who doesn’t, then you will be delighted to browses the expansive Aigle boots collection of this classic knee-high and above-the-ankle favourite that is so well loved in the UK. Children can keep their feet dry in colourful tartan wellies, while the gents can arrive at work wearing the classic black style. Women have choices galore in the wellie, with all kinds of colours, styles and patterns from which to choose.