Choosing Shoes to Match Your Body Type

Women love the creations they put on their feet, and knowing the rules for shoes for body types – how to wear ballet flats, boots, platforms, stilettos, and wedge styles can help them achieve the effect they are spending money to attain. There are lots of dos and don’ts on sites on the internet that are just a few clicks away.

Sandals were the first protective footwear, made of natural fibers and materials. From there, the sky has been the limit, with designers working for emperors, kings, queens, Pharaohs, and even the gods as depicted in art and statuary. Today shoes are as much for fun as they are for practicality. Everything from comfort to sex appeal is put into the styles that walk the earth.

Making the wrong choice when there are so many right ones will be just too bad. It is important to check the whole look, from head to toe, in a full-length mirror, but knowing what the experts say can help you avoid some basic errors. What looks good on the shelf may not complement your particular figure.

Thin ankles are seemingly made for elegant shoes, although if they are on the scrawny side an ankle strap may help disguise that fact. Everything from a mini skirt with a stiletto heel to a long swirling skirt paired with ballet flats will look good. Heavy heels, chunky shoes, and high platforms may overwhelm or exaggerate thin legs, so check the entire effect before you settle on one of these styles.

Platforms and wedge heels can help short, pretty legs look longer, as well as choosing open-back sandals with slim heels. Ankle straps that stop the eye will make your legs look shorter, so if you want a longer look, do not break the visual line with distracting details. Very pointed toes may not be as becoming as a rounded toe for a small woman.

Ladies with thicker ankles will also have to think twice before selecting a pointy toe, and tiny, narrow heels will look faintly ridiculous with a substantial load to bear. However, there are many beautiful styles that will be very becoming. Brightly colored pumps with medium heels will draw the eye to your feet rather than your ankles, and give a flattering lift and tone to your legs. Bulky shoes are an option, although straps that wrap the ankle or leg should be avoided. Open toes are great, and heels are more flattering than ballet flats. Stilettos are great, although straight is better than curvy.

If you are tall, with nicely-shaped thin legs, you have it made! Everything from ballet flats to high high heels are made for you, and you can even show off those trying mid-calf boots. Watch for too much emphasis on a long line from very pointed toes, and looking too weighted down with heavy platforms or really chunky styles. You can wear the high boots that also are good for shorter women, but the slouchy style may look better on muscular legs.