Choosing Shoes for a Job Interview

Many women admit to being addicted to shoes, a fashionable pair of shoes can make-or-break an outfit but besides that, wearing a stylish pair of shoes can make a woman feel fantastic. There is one area where women need tread cautiously with regards to the shoes they choose to wear, and the consequences can be a lot worse than a simple fashion faux pas – if you wear over-the-top shoes to an interview, you could fail to get your dream job. Something we can all agree is bad news! So how do you choose which shoes to wear to the office or a job interview? Follow our advice and you should manage to balance the delicate equilibrium between fashion and respectability.

Many employers are relaxed with the clothing they allow their employees to wear to work. In most European countries, there are no formal dress codes for office work. But for some professional companies, appearance is a big issue. Presentation is the key to success in the high fly setting of the financial districts, for instance, and if you are attending an interview at one such company, you need to make sure your clothes are perfect, and this includes your choice of shoes.

Trainers are a big no-no, even in a more laid-back environment, for the interview, you should avoid this style of shoe. Once you start working, wait until you are acclimatised to the role, and understand the culture of the company before you being to wear anything that is too informal.

Certain styles of open-toe shoe are considered formal, but for job interviews, these too should be avoided. Many companies have rules against wearing open-toe shoes for health and safety reasons, and it is not good form to break the rules before you have even started! Find out how the company expects its employees to dress before opting for open-toe shoes in the office. Warehouse employees should always avoid open-toe shoes, they provide very little protection, and if heavy loads are being hauled around, it does not bode well.

Women’s shoes often have some form of embellishment, they may be excessively shiny, have large bows on them, be rainbow coloured…but within a work environment, over embellished shoes are generally frowned upon. Again, find out the companies dress code before you choose to wear a fancy pair of shoes, and never wear them to an interview. Remember, though, never wear dirty or worn shoes to a job interview, you are trying to make a good impression and that means being presentable.

An appropriate style of shoe to wear to a job interview is the classic dress shoe, you can opt for a heel or flat variety (but when choosing heels be careful of their height, too high is unacceptable), wear neutral colours (black or brown are better), make sure they are closed toe and presentable with no sign of wear, but most of all, make sure that they match the rest of your outfit.