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Set New Trends With Ecco Women’s Shoes

When it comes to combining quality with comfort, Ecco women’s shoes take the lead! Founded way back in 1963 in Denmark, Ecco has reached new heights in the shoe industry. It is one of the most popular brands among women across the world. They are pioneers in providing the best of shoe designs with the best of flexibility, by attaching the upper to the sole.

In sync with the current trends, Ecco shoes churn out one fabulous design after another, making them the top pick of the fashion conscious. Their extensive range includes sport shoes, sandles, pumps, flats, business wear and formal wear. They produce shoes not just for women, but also for men and children. They are also the most preferred brand for golf shoes.

Women usually spend a lot of time when they go shoe shopping. But when they invest in Ecco shoes, they know they’re getting good value for their hard earned money. The brand name itself is synonymous with the latest styles and fashion trends. Ecco women’s shoes are surely for the brand conscious but have an added bonus – utmost comfort.

Ecco shoes for women are mostly contemporary to look at, but you can find any style you are looking for. Be it for casual, or for evening wear, you are sure to fall head over heels in love with each and every one of their designs. And just like every woman is unique, Ecco takes extra care in creating a one-of-a-kind shoe. Nothing else can make you feel more special!

Ecco women’s shoes are especially popular with women golfers, as it is one of the few brands to offer footwear in this segment. They are easily the leaders in the field as they not only have all the right elements of a golf shoe, they also look spectacular. The most well-liked designs among these are those of the Casual Cool and Hydromax collection.

No matter what the occasion, Ecco shoes for women are sure to complement any dress you’re wearing. Ecco sandals are casual yet smart, and can be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses and just about anything! Their range of dress shoes is even more enchanting and will make you feel as special as Cinderella did in her glass slippers! These can be worn to work, or even at formal get-togethers. Those who like the cowgirl look, Ecco has a great collection of stylish buckle boots, determined to give you an edge over the rest.

The Power of Ladies Shoes

They say 75% of the earth is covered by water. Same case, 75% of a woman’s wardrobe is filled up by shoes. Women make no excuses when it comes to their shoes. They love shopping for shoes such that, even when the closet is spilling out, they will find it appropriate to go out and bring an extra pair of ladies shoes. A nice pair of shoes will have a great impact in your general outlook, but shoes are used as a measure of how much a woman values herself – in some cases. Women do their best to keep up with the trends, always stocking what is on fashion and throwing out what is not. That is why new designs on lady shoes never last long on the shelves. Each new day, a new design replaces the former, but that’s what fashion is all about.

You cannot start complaining about how versatile lady shoes are; the designs and styles in the market are quite extensive, with the color range and every combination being very expansive. Each ladies shoe will look just fine when matched with the right attire. Then of course accessories add to the overall superb look. Women love colors, bright colors for that matter. This is evidenced in the colors they get for shoes. Some lady shoes may feature an outrageous color combination while others are outright funny. Fashion dictates that this is fine.

Every year, the fashion week sees to it that a large number of ladies fashion shoes rock every woman’s wardrobe. High quality ladies leather shoes are the highlight of such events. Speak of lady suede shoes and you are assured of an eager audience.

Where men view shoes as utility items, women view theirs as a symbol of beauty and personality. The bold modern day woman will stunt red high heels while the conservative one will stick to the flat sole shoes.

Women dress for the occasion no doubt, and their shoes help them in that. There are ladies dress shoes worn when the occasion demands for a formal ambiance and then ladies casual shoes for when out with friends. For the evenings, a smart lady will don a pair of ladies evening shoes cleverly accessorized with the complete evening attire. Rock the party with specially made lady party shoes. Built to be comfortable and safe, they will be the perfect gift for your feet come the partying season.

Wear Boat Shoes for a Cool Style

The last word in the world of men’s fashion and accessories is the boat shoes. These impart comfort and utility blended together. Though originally the shoes were designed for the sailors that could prevent them from falling down on the slippery decks, nowadays, these shoes have become the hottest trend in the field of fashion. A person can wear these shoes for long hours without having any pain. These shoes also provide a strong grip and prevent the person from falling down when walking on a slippery or sludgy terrain. These are multi-purpose shoes. Like a slippery surface, these can be worn to walk on a dry terrain as well.

These boat shoes are not only comfortable but stylish as well. A person wearing a pair of this footwear looks equally good whether he is a skinny or a fat man. These shoes also go very well with jeans and shorts. These are available in a wide variety of colours. A person can wear it any time and on any occasion, whether going to the office or to any party or while hanging out with friends at the beaches. One can even go on a romantic date wearing this awesome pair of boat shoes.

The designers follow the traditional moccasin designs in manufacturing the boat shoes. These are made from a single piece of leather that is stitched on a hard rubber sole. In order to give a soft and glistening lustre, the leather for manufacturing the shoes is treated with oil. The leather thus becomes water resistant also. Even if a person stands submerged in water, the shoes will keep his feet dry. So, even during sailing a person can keep his feet warm. These shoes are available in a wide range of colours and sometimes in combination of two or more tones like red, black, tan, brown, white, beige and so on. Nowadays, many boat shoes are also made of canvas cloth instead of leather. These types are more preferred by the eco conscious people who do not like to kill animals. Some designers also maintain the conventional styles with laces and hand-stitched seams. Though jeans and shorts go quite well with these shoes, formal wear like polo shirts, vests, t-shirts and such others. These are great to be worn in the field or doing any other kind of sports activities. A person can wear these all through the year with or without socks.

You can also buy several pairs in order to improve your wardrobe. When you will go out with your friends or family wearing these awesome shoes, there will definitely be an improvement to your personality. Your great dress sense is guaranteed to draw attention and admiration and create an ever lasting impression in the minds of the people among your social circle.

Information About Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser is a powerhouse that specializes in specialty footwear and caters exclusively to the needs of different alternative lifestyles. When they first started however, they only imported and distributed footwear for urban fashion. Throughout the years, they have evolved into a power house for specialty footwear that exclusively caters to the needs of different alternative lifestyles. Great attention is given to fine materials, details, craftsmanship, unmatched choice and affordable prices which add to their unmatched success. Here are some reasons as to why you should buy shoes from Pleaser:


Pleaser’s platform boots and shoes are really quite comfortable, and they have lugged and foam rubber soles. The platform shoes that do not have lugged or foam rubber soles to cushion the feet of the wearer are uncomfortable. Leather, stretch, polyurethane, or patent materials are used to make the sensuous shoes offered by Pleaser shoes.

A comfortable and supple feel is usually provided by the shoes made from leather as well as a texture pattern. Leather is the best quality material used to make shoes. If you are not familiar with these materials, then here is a brief guide:

Shoes made of leather give you breathe-ability, allowing your feet to keep cool and free from sweat while you step hard and fast.

Polyurethane is a material ranging from non-shiny to semi-shiny and is not as expensive as leather.

Shoes made of patent have an appearance that is shiny, almost looking like the glass of a mirror. A patent shoe may be made from either polyurethane or leather.

Shoes made from stretch material are very thin and are therefore able to fit to the shape of your legs or feet. Either polyurethane or patent can be used to make them.


The shoes offered by Pleaser look great. Wild, sensuous and sexy – these are the perfect adjectives that describe the shoes they offer. A wide range of shoes are available, so you will have no problem finding the perfect one for you. Pleaser is the leading name in platform shoes and all others fall short when it comes to matching the standard of quality set by Pleaser.


The shoes offered by Pleaser are most certainly not the cheapest ones available on the market. Although they can be somewhat pricey, they have amazing designs and are made of hard-wearing materials. It is therefore a great investment, particularly if you take good care of your shoes.

Different Types of International Shoes

These days, you can find different types of shoes on the market. All will have their own benefits, unique advantages and features, but they will have negative elements as well. Of course, you cannot assume that every shoe type will be perfect for everyone. Since you will find endless types, styles and colors to choose from, it could be difficult to find the ideal pair of shoes.

To know more about the basic shoes types available on the market nowadays, you should fully understand the general purpose of footwear. Footwear or shoes are worn for 3 basic reasons: protection, support and decoration. However, all shoes types will not serve every purpose at the same time. The truth is that, certain types of shoes will be designed just for one purpose.

The first shoes had been designed to give protection to our feet whilst walking. They are now called sandals and had been created more than 10,000 years ago. As you can imagine, these shoes will not provide the same amount of protection or support like the ones on the market right now.

Several types of shoes are designed for all genders and ages. The tennis shoe is among the most basic types and is designed to support the foot while participating in physical activities. You can find several types of tennis shoes meant for children, men and women who are taking part in particular sports or activities. This means that you can get tennis shoes if you are exercising casually or if you are a professional athlete. There are also some tennis shoes which are designed for specific age groups. For instance, you can find the ones with soft souls for kids who are just learning how to walk and for the elderly who needs extra foot support.

The flip flops are another type of shoes that is designed for all genders and ages. In some cultures, flip flops are also known as thongs. They are perfect for warm weather conditions and summer days. The regular flip flops will not provide a great deal of support, but the specialized ones can be designed to offer protection and support for individuals and conditions that require it.

Finally, you have the versatile hiking boots which are also designed for men, women and children. These types of shoes are durable and strong with styles that can cover a section of your ankle or your entire foot. They provide protection from natural elements and give support to your sole. These boots are extremely popular with people who are living in certain areas in the country as well as the outdoor enthusiasts.

Picking Shoes for Preteens

It makes me laugh with pride when my 10 and 12-year old’s say, “Mum, I need new shoes, my foot’s too big again!” At times I could scream, especially when their feet grow from a size 2 to a size 4 in six weeks. I guess this is just a sign of them having healthy bones (that’s my opinion anyway). What makes me laugh even more is when they say, “Mum, can I get a pair with wheels?” or “Mum, can I get a pair of shoes that have lights?”. What is up with that? I didn’t even know such a shoe existed, I certainly haven’t seen them advertised anywhere. So when building one of my favourite sites I decided to write some content that would showcase these shoes.

Don’t worry parents, if you don’t know the sizes of your pre teens’ feet, have them trace their own feet and measure them with a ruler that way, you can covert the sizes and then shop online with confidence!

My daughter is going through a phase whereby, trendy looking top sneakers are her thing. She particularly likes the leather high tops as she said they give her feet extra comfort, and just for appeal they even have the LED lighting in them… Not sure what this is all about. But am not questioning her fashion sense here. My son likes these shoes too, but didn’t want to copy her, so he decided to choose a high top sneaker that had a ‘wing’ on it. This apparently gave the shoe so much more character, and didn’t look anything like his sister’s so he was super excited about that.

For the pre-teen girls that liked this wing too, there was an option for them that I found, but it wasn’t something my daughter would wear, as she said they weren’t ‘her style’, I had to laugh! Style at age 12 changes overnight sometimes. Myself, I opted to get my son a pair that was a little less ‘flashy’ looking, as we needed to make sure he had a normal conservative type looking shoe in the wardrobe, for any type of occasion that would suit any type of clothing.

However, the latest thing was the ‘roller shoe’ so instead of losing my cool, I did some research on the web and found these really comfy shoes for my son. Apparently I’m being ‘uncool’ if I call them ‘roller’ shoes’ so I will call them what they are really and that is a ‘skate shoe’. For pre-teens these types of shoes are a must have. I found that when going out they were often distracted in their own minds with their own little worlds, and instead of hearing them complaining about being somewhere these shoes seemed to occupy them, so that I could do what I needed to do without interruptions. It really was a win-win, buying them for the kids. My son wasn’t as confident balancing as my daughter at first, but with time he was more confident and loved wearing the shoes everywhere.

My daughter was a pro from the start wearing these types of shoes, you are able to walk normally on them as well which was really interesting to watch, as you could see in their eyes they just wanted to skate off in the super market at times. This is when I’d say, “right you go to aisle 4 and get milk, and you go to aisle 2 and get dog food.” Kind of fun for me watching them use the shoes with confidence.

The Beauty of the Beautifeel Shoes

If you’ve been living on the moon (or under a rock – whatever the case) for the last 10-15 years, you might have not heard of the beautifeel shoes. And that’s ok, but I’m telling you, if that’s case than you’ve really been missing out on something. Until some years ago, comfortable shoes meant ugly shoes. They felt great, but you didn’t get much pleasure out of looking down at your feet while wearing them. They where not Beautifeel Shoes.

When they first came out, in 1990, they changed that. No longer you had to suffer just in order to look good. These days you can have both style and comfort in one pair of shoes. Now I know that may surprise you a bit, but it’s true. They use a mix of natural materials to build comfort and to create the perfect position for your feet. And above all that greatness, there’s that touch of beauty, elegance and style we all enjoy looking at. As the President of BeautiFeel Shoes, Ami Bar-Nahor states: “BeautiFeel women do not have to compromise – they can have the best of both worlds. They can wear well-fitted, comfortable shoes and still look elegant.”

So that’s the real beauty of these shoes: harmony. Both style and functionality work together in the shoes, like a concert orchestra that blends many instruments together to create a singular, unique piece of music. At least that’s what they say. And it’s so true. I mean I can tell you that as a woman and as a mother. My teenage daughter and most of her friends wear nothing but beautifeel shoes and I get a kiss on the cheek every day for letting her know that this stuff is even out there, which most teenagers wouldn’t even be looking for.

The beautifeel shoes are already selling out in stores all over the United States and are starting to penetrate the European markets as well, so if you haven’t grabbed a pair yet, than stop making up excuses and get one.