A Review of Mary Jane Shoes

Many parents purchase Mary Jane shoes as footwear for their young children. The latest styles are still appropriate for kids but some of the contemporary designs of this brand are also suitable for grown ups. There are formal versions as well as casual styles for adults.

The ‘mule’ is one of the hottest trends in women’s footwear. The manufacturers of Mary Jane shoes have adopted this relaxed but dressy look. The casual feel of the ‘mule’ style shoe is attributed to the open backed design that defines the look. The great thing about this brand of shoes is their diverse nature. The look is perfect for the office and can even match with casual denim outfits.

Some designs of Mary Jane shoes lean more toward dressy occasions. This company has produced footwear that boasts three-inch heels. The stylish details on these dressy Mary Jane shoes can be worn with a dressy outfit for a night out on the town. They can also be paired with a nice pantsuit and they can add style and flair to your nicest pair of jeans. This company has developed a diverse selection of footwear that can suit any style, from casual to dressy.

Mary Jane shoes also have a very young attitude in style and design. The Crazed Destroyed design is simply adorable. The shoes have sweet, white toe covers and frayed edges around the seams that make these shoes look well worn. The designers placed a plaid lining inside the footwear, which pulls the whole fun look together.

Most people associate Mary Jane shoes with youth. We commonly associate youth with a playful nature. This shoe manufacturer has developed a couple of designs for adults that capture a young spirit. These sporty shoes are known as the Maddie design. The footwear is still quite casual but they are constructed out of suede and leather dyed in various soft and feminine colors. Even the most mature woman can find Mary Jane shoes to suit her personality and style.