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Tips For Finding the Perfect Prom Shoes

So you’ve finally found the perfect prom gown after months of searching. You can’t wait until it is ready to be adorned for a night of dancing and partying. It should be a major confidence booster that you have found a prom gown you love, but what about your shoes? One of the most important pieces of any ensemble, prom shoes can really add to your overall style and the look of your prom gown. While the gown itself is without doubt the most important item, your choice of shoes can either make it or break the look as a whole. This does not have to be difficult, as long as you know a few fashion tricks which you can pick up by speaking to the professionals, browsing styles online, or looking through magazines.

Leave Room for Shoes

Make sure your shoes match and complement the color and the design of your dress and the shape of your foot. Of course you should check and see if you will be able to walk and dance in them. This will help to ensure that you find the right balance between style and comfort before you slip on your ‘magic slippers’ for the evening of your life.

Fashion vs. Comfort

Some girls do not have a problem with foregoing comfort for fashion, especially if it comes down to a choice between the perfect pair of shoes and a pair that are just not as nice. However, you can have both, easily. The worst thing you can do on the night is to cripple yourself and not be able to dance the night away with your friends, or worse have to kick off your shoes just so that you can walk. A pair of amazing shoes is one thing, spoiling your look is quite another.

High heels are always first choice because they make legs longer and slimmer and they also contribute to your look by forcing you to keep an upright posture. However, there are comfortable heels and there are ridiculous heels too and unless you are used to wearing six inch heels, stay away from them on the night. A two inch heel is quite adequate while giving your legs the look you want, you will also be able to save your feet unnecessary hardship.

Heeled shoes come in a variety of options, from the most popular strappy sandal to the enclosed toe shoe. While sandals are pretty and look fantastic on manicured feet, they can be hard to wear all night because they don’t give a lot of support while dancing. If you opt for the more comfortable enclosed toe, make sure it has a soft cushion lining so they won’t end up you giving your toes a blister.

Ballet shoes while extremely comfortable do not enhance many prom gowns. They are better suited to full skirts and generally do not look good with tight fitting dresses. So if you are going to go this route, make sure the style of your gown is suitable.

Something which should be fundamental is that your shoes be the correct size for your feet. Too large and they might fly off and embarrass you, too tight and you will live to regret it later on that night.

Wear your shoes in before the prom. Wear them at home for an hour a night so that you get used to how they feel and get used to them, and if the soles are made of leather it will give you the chance to rough them up a little so that you don’t slip or skid on the dance floor.

Fashion options

Your shoes absolutely and positively have to match your ensemble. They need not be the same color, and if not, they have to be complimentary. Whites, crème, black, gold and silver are the most popular choices for evening, but again be careful that they are complimentary as you don’t want your feet standing out like a ‘sore thumb’ on the night of the prom.

Silver and gold shoes are ideal colors for sparkling, shimmering evening dresses, while black shoes suit dark dresses superbly. White and crème shoes should be worn with caution and unless you are very good at fashion styling should be avoided if possible.

You even have the option of being able to dye your shoes to match your outfit, but be cautious. Unless you are using a professional to dye your shoes they may come out a different shade. Leather and synthetic leather shoes can be dyed as well as satin and fabric shoes. Give the person dyeing your shoes a color swatch from your gown and check that the color is what you want before he or she goes ahead with the actual dyeing process.

Great Designer Fashion Styles

There are quite a few varieties of fashion shoe and handbag styles, but some are better known than others. Coach shoes and handbags are among the more well-known, and some of the other famous brands include Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs. Status handbags are more expensive than others, but designer handbags are something that many women like to splurge on, to make themselves feel good.

Marc Jacobs tweed bags show that the 80’s can still be fun if we remember them fondly. This company truly understands the retro influence on fashion, and each creation is proof that Jacobs is a quirky genius as a designer.

Muse bags are made by Yves Saint Laurent, and they make many accessories as well, for women looking for a chic flair. Muse merges different styles into feminine and unique bags and accessories that are sure to compliment women’s active lifestyles. These bags are playful and a little sexy, and they make handbags in many different sizes.

Coach is possibly the best known designer of handbags and shoes. Coach heels and Coach boots are among the most highly favored of the designer shoes available, and this brand combines logic and magic to create shoes and handbags that are obviously made of quality materials with good value and an American style that is distinctive and aspirational. Each pair of Coach sneakers or Coach heels reflects the attributes of the Coach brand.

Coach shoes are not normally available at discount prices, because they are top sellers without needing to lower prices. They offer excellent service that will make sure your needs as a customer are met. They treat customers buying Coach shoes like guests, and they like to establish relationships for the long term, based on satisfaction and trust.

Designer shoes like Coach heels are symbols of design and luxury in one. Amid the many brands available, it’s no mistake that so many people clamor for Coach shoes. Seldom seen at a discount, they are nonetheless snatched up at a fast pace.

The success of Coach shoes and Coach boots, as well as their well-known handbags, shows off their devotion to fairness and honesty, as concerning their own business as well as the communities they are located in. The company stands behind Coach shoes, Coach sneakers and handbags, because they realize that their reputation is reflected in everything they make.

You can find Coach boots and Coach heels at retail stores and sites online. Originally their handbags were made from the same leather used for baseball gloves. Now there are so many styles of Coach shoes, too, that you are never at a loss, regardless of the occasion. They use other materials in addition to leather now, to craft their fine Coach boots and Coach shoes. Available in every fabric and style you might want, Coach shoes are the toast of the town. While their most current collection tends to show off many casual espadrilles, flip-flops and sandals, you can also find the Coach name on excellently-designed sandals and stilettos. You’ll never go wrong wearing the Coach name.

Adidas Cross Country Shoes

Teenagers in a track and field program can go through shoes at an appalling rate, as any parent of a teenage runner well knows. The right shoes are important to any cross country runner and especially important to a young person still in the process of growing. Not only do they grow out of their shoes, but the very shape of their feet changes, which means a new fitting every time the time comes to get a new pair of shoes.

Many teenagers are not so much interested in comfort as they are in style. The chances are high that they will want the latest thing, whatever that may be, and all other concerns are secondary. It’s entirely possible to find stylish shoes that also fit the criteria for a good running shoe, like many of the shoes offered by the Adidas cross country shoes lines.

Department stores are not usually equipped to get the right kind of shoes for serious cross country running. While some might have a dedicated sportswear department, it is generally a better option to go to a store that specializes in sportswear and sports footwear. A good store will have various styles, sizes, and types of Adidas cross country shoes, as well as staff that knows what you or your teenager will need for the best possible cross country experience.

The qualities that make a running shoe a good choice include soles with a good grip and material that breathes easily, among others. They should be light enough for extended runs, but still give enough support, especially around the ankles, to avoid injury. Bring your teenager along when you make your trip to the shoe store to ensure you get the best possible fit. This is also the way to avoid bringing home shoes that don’t fit properly – only to find out they are not returnable.

Once you’ve got your teenager in the store, it isn’t enough to just try the shoes on. They have to be given a literal test run, or at least a test jog. A quick jog around the store will make absolutely sure the shoes feel right and have the correct support in all the right places. Have no fear about the style, either. Adidas cross country shoes come in so many varieties and styles, there is sure to be something to appeal to even the most discriminating of tastes.

Only the one wearing the shoes can know how they feel, and teenagers are often willing to trade a little comfort for a little style. Still, there are ways to be a little more certain, just in case. Most people remember shopping for shoes with parents as a child. Those shoe fitting rules still apply today and can be used on people of any age, even reluctant teens. First, feel the toe of the shoe. If there is a space about the width of a finger between the big toe and the end of the shoe, that’s a good fit.

Shoes For Women With Size 3 Feet

If you are a woman with size 3 feet, you know how frustrating it can be to find good shoes that have style as well as comfort. Sure, people may suggest shopping in the children’s section, but unless you are a fan of bows and pink toned shoes, this really isn’t a very good option. Luckily it is now easier than ever for women with small feet to find the perfect pair of shoes for every occasion. Take a look at a few places to help you find shoes for your petite size.

Vintage Stores

A great place to find smaller shoe sizes is at local vintage stores. Most vintage shops tend to have shoes in smaller than average sizes, making them a great place to begin your search. The benefit of going to these shops is that you will find your size in a range of beautifully made shoes for a great price. You will also be right on trend – as all things vintage are very in style this season.


If you are more interested in modern shoes, you should begin your search online. There are many great warehouse type shops that stock shoes in all shapes and sizes. There are also specialty stores and online boutiques that cater to smaller women. There is a great range of different companies that offer shoes, clothing and accessories for petite women that you wouldn’t find at your local department stores. When shopping online, be sure to note where the shop is located. A size 3 UK will not be the same as a size 3 US, so it’s important to figure out your size in that country before you order.

Children’s Stores

Most children’s shoes selections leave a lot to be desired if you are a grown woman. If you look at the children’s section in a department store, you will end up gazing at silly shoes with cartoon characters, little flower embellishments and shades of bubblegum pink. However, you should not rule out children’s stores completely. Try heading to a sophisticated shop that caters to a higher end clientele. You will find shoes that are dressier and more “adult” that will go well with your wardrobe. It’s possible to find all different styles in these shops – even heels for tiny feet.


Just because you have small feet does not mean you have to compromise your style. There are many great options available now for women with size 3 feet, so don’t think you have to limit yourself to flats and trainers for the rest of your life. Today there are companies that specialise in petite sizes and create shoes that are on trend for the season. You will find size 3 shoes in pumps, gladiator sandals, wedges, high heel boots and more. The most important thing is to do a little research and demand the same style and comfort from your shoes as other women do.

Cheaney Shoes for the Suave Men

You should always have a pair of shoes in your wardrobe in which you can look good. It should be able to complement your clothes well and you should be able to enhance your looks. Footwear is an important aspect to dressing and you should not ignore the importance of it. One brand that has definitely made a mark for itself for reasons such as durability, style, and comfort are Cheaney Shoes. This brand has been in the market for several years and has been offering shoes to its customers from 1800. When you are purchasing a pair of shoes, you can choose from the various different materials, colours and styles.

Joseph Cheaney is the man who is behind the success and growth of this brand. It has successfully made a mark in the fashion world and has existed for the past few decades. It has managed to provide its customers and consumer’s different styles and designs that are available in various colours. The fabric or the material with, which the shoes are made of high quality and hence they help to make you look trendy and unique. Many celebrities have been seen wearing the Cheaney Shoes. The shoes are designed to make you look elegant and suave.

When you are wearing these shoes, you will reflect impeccable taste and class. Generally, it has been seen that men of higher status and class prefer to wear these shoes. These shoes are highly in demand mostly by the corporate experts. The designs that are seen on the shoes will help you to stand out in a crowd. The shoes are famous for being comfortable and durable and hence it has become highly popular among the young and dashing men. For ultimate customer satisfaction, you can choose to go for these shoes. The designers in the collection of Cheaney Shoes bring out newer designs and styles from time to time.

If you are dressing, up for an occasion then wear the best clothes and team it up with these shoes. Wear a formal outfit, which is well ironed. Choose the colour of the shoes that will complement your outfit well. You can check out the online shops and find out whether these shoes are available in different styles and designs. Choose to buy from the store that offers you an affordable price, which is well within the range of your budget. Different stores are found where you can choose to buy these shoes without any hassle. The payment policy and the returns scheme should be easy and smooth so that you do not face any problem regarding your purchase.

If you want to look fabulous then you should go for Cheaney Shoes. The shoes are available in the basic colours, which you can choose to shop for your closet. So, why delay go ahead and purchase a wonderful pair of shoes for yourself. You will always be 100% satisfied when you have worn these shoes.

Different Styles in Mens Designer Shoes

There are many popular brands that manufacture mens designer shoes. The name of the popular brands that are into designing these shoes for men include Fly London, Goliath, Neosens, Sebago, Gant, Ben Sherman, Jeffery West, Fireback and many others. The shoes sold by these brands do not come at an affordable price. They are quite expensive and have a chic and classy look.

Different types of mens designer shoes are available in the market nowadays. Designer loafers, designer sandals, designer plimsolls, designer brogues and designer trainers are some of the different styles of designer footwear. Each of these designer shoes come up in varying colours, shapes and sizes.

Loafers have great similarity with the moccasins of ancient days. Men can wear them with or even without socks. They are slip-on shoes and are thus of great benefit to people when in a hurry. The traditional loafers are usually made of up stiff and heavy leather which may cause blisters if worn without socks. Gant’s loafer shoes are very popular among fashionable men. The fashion driving loafers and small leather loafers are having increased number of sales.

The penny loafers became popular since 1950s. Now Sebago is a brand known for manufacturing classic penny loafers for men. These loafers from Sebago feature a leather upper with stunning stitching and leather sole with a small heel. These shoes were originally created for sailors but are now worn by every fashionable individual nowadays.

The designer sandals are also quite popular among men. They are generally open summer shoes. The uppers are made of up leather, synthetic straps or fabric. The closings of these shoes are done with velcro, buckles, zippers or buttons. They are flat and comfortable shoes with a light sole. These mens designer shoes come up in a lot of different styles for men. The different styles in these sandals include Frodo Mule Sandals from Fly London, Ovy Leather Flip Flops from Levis, Vintage Woven Leather Sandals from Cannes, fashion comfort sandal shoes from Downy, Hawai flip slops from Gant, Sandback sandals from Hush Puppies, Mustang flip flops and many more.

Brogues are low heeled shoes or boots featuring multiple-piece, leather uppers and decorative perforations along the visible edges and pieces. These shoes were originated in Ireland and Scotland. During those days, the shoes were made using untanned leather. The perforations on the shoe uppers helped water to drain off. Fashion Classic Brogue Saddle Shoes from Sebago and Fella Brogue Shoes from Fly London have become men’s favourite shoes when it comes to designer shoes. Jeffery West Brogue shoes are also getting into the crowd. The best thing about these mens designer shoes is that they are available in a plethora of colours like red, black, white, grey, violet, blue etc.

Mens Shoes Are Always Fashionable

If you want to look fashionable as a man enhance your style quotient, Mens Shoes are the best picks for you. There are an enormous variety of these shoes available in the market and you can always take your favourite picks. When you explore the different styles of shoes, you will find that new designs always keep you interested as a customer. All these shoes are made by expert leather technologists and the quality depicted by them is quite supreme.

When you make a decision to choose from the high quality of shoes on offer for men, you have numerous options lined up. Among the various collections of Mens Shoes on offer in the market, you can select from an exclusive range. The shoes are classified into various categories and you can remain quite selective as a customer. While starting the selection process, you can go ahead with some of the extensive choices like Brogues, Loafers, Plimsolls, Espadrilles etc.

You can take your first draw from the Loafers Shoes which are really worth a boy. There are different collections of loafers which you can put on and walk in style. The Lambretta Leather is one of the best collections which you can go for. This unique looking shoe is meant for both formal and casual occasions. You can choose from the attractive looking black colour which provides it with a classic appearance. The lace up styled design of the shoes provides it with a very classic look.

The Cruz Slip on loafers is also one of the best collections which you can opt for from the market. These Mens Shoes provide you with the maximum level of comfort and you can certainly enjoy the privilege of wearing them. Although these loafers provide you with quite a simple look, you can easily wear it with jeans or trousers which make you look cool. The Brogues are also a part of the exclusive collection which you can choose as a customer.

These brogues provide you with that much wanted special look which you always seek as a customer. The Ben Sherman Lace is one of the brogues which you can pick up and flaunt your style statement. These brown coloured brogues provide you with a sensational style statement and you can walk around with panache by wearing this. Among the Brogues collection which are offered to you, you can pick your choice from the Gucinari range which is one of the most popular varieties.

These brogues provide you with a classic look and you can wear them to the various occasions of your choice. The James Lace Up is another brogue from the Men’s Shoes collection which provides you with a superb look. These shoe projects ultra modern lace designs and provides you with an attractive look.