Why Clog Shoes Are Still Popular Today

We often hear and read about men’s clog shoes. But do we really know what clog means? Or rather clog shoes are? What are clog shoes? The word “clog”, when applied to footwear means; a) A type of shoe or sandal primarily made out of wood. b) A type of shoe or boot with its sides and uppers made up of leather and has wooden soles. c) A Comfortable slip-on shoes mostly made of leather. Whatever meaning it may have, one thing is certain; clogs are a popular type of footwear.

Men’s clog shoes are popular across Europe because of its availability, durability and most of all inexpensive. Men’s clog shoes provide relief to the feet during long days at work. In the earlier years, men’s clog shoes were designed with soles made of cork or wood and its uppers made up of leather. Men’s clog shoes are open-backed shoes with a covered toe box. During the war, men’s clog shoes were often used for clandestine operation; spies would put confidential documents on the clog’s secret compartment. Although men’s clog shoes has evolved, its only constant design is the bottom portion of the shoes which are shape

Choosing Shoes for a Job Interview

Many women admit to being addicted to shoes, a fashionable pair of shoes can make-or-break an outfit but besides that, wearing a stylish pair of shoes can make a woman feel fantastic. There is one area where women need tread cautiously with regards to the shoes they choose to wear, and the consequences can be a lot worse than a simple fashion faux pas – if you wear over-the-top shoes to an interview, you could fail to get your dream job. Something we can all agree is bad news! So how do you choose which shoes to wear to the office or a job interview? Follow our advice and you should manage to balance the delicate equilibrium between fashion and respectability.

Many employers are relaxed with the clothing they allow their employees to wear to work. In most European countries, there are no formal dress codes for office work. But for some professional companies, appearance is a big issue. Presentation is the key to success in the high fly setting of the financial districts, for instance, and if you are attending an interview at one such company, you need to make sure your clothes are perfect, and

Shoes & Other Footwear

Probably the most basic distinction in footwear is between shoes, sandals and boots. Here we’ll take up that first division, shoes, in more detail. A useful way of thinking about women’s shoes is to see a division between ‘dressing it up’, ‘extreme fashion’ and ‘keeping it casual’. Whether you prefer heels or flats, gloss or suede, open-toe or Mary Jane, any shape or style of shoe can be fitted into one of these three categories according to what qualities they bring to your outfit.

‘Dressing it up’ includes dress shoes and office-wear, of course, but also a lot of the more sober fashion items of the season and perhaps the top end of ‘smart casual’. If your shoe has a tidy and/or narrow heel, displays sleek and formal lines in a classic finish and adds sophistication to your wardrobe, it’s a ‘dressing it up’ shoe. You’d wear it to make an outfit look smarter or to show that you’re making an effort – like a little extra make-up, for feet.

‘Extreme fashion’ includes the extremely voguish or fashionably over-the-top shoes which are making a very loud statement about your look’s close engagement with the trends right

Understanding Shoe Accessories

Shoe accessories have been a top accessory for women for many years. These come in a variety of choices, enabling you to create your own flair and style to any footwear item in your wardrobe.

These items are made from high quality materials and are temporary additions to footwear, so you can wear your shoes plain for work, clip on some shoe clips as you leave the office and head straight out for dinner with friends, completely transforming your shoe design.

Shoe accessories come in a variety of choices; there are the popular shoe clips. These are simple clips, which work the same as clip on earrings, they have a detail, which can be anything from a flower or bow to rhinestone buckle. They can easily be placed on the shoe of your choice on the front, side or back enabling you to completely transform your footwear without damaging the shoe. These are easy to put on and remove, taking only seconds and they are small enough to slip into your handbag with ease.

Another top shoe accessory is heel jewels. These are stunning and glittery rings which are pushed up onto the heel of

Shoe Stores

Shoes are becoming more and more popular on the internet today. Online stores are making it even easier to find and compare shoes without ever leaving your home! In this article I will talk about the best and worst shoe stores, and good information on finding the right kicks.

The first store we came across was zappos.com. They are probably the leader in online shoe stores today. They have hundreds of thousands of name brand shoes in stock and ready to ship. Our review of zappos.com was very good. It was very easy for me to find the products I wanted and they had the size and color I wanted in stock. Their high resolution pictures of the shoes also helped see if they were the shoes I really wanted. After comparing their prices, they weren’t the absolute cheapest, but their service was amazing.

I bought the pair at about 7 p.m. and received them the next day at about 3 p.m. I have never seen shipping this fast that is free. After founding out that the shoes I ordered didn’t really match my style, I decided to send them back. They printed off a ups

Types of Shoe Accessories and How to Use Them

Shoe accessories are growing in popularity with women around the world, enabling them to transform their shoe closet to meet their personality and style requirements. Many women choose these products to create spectacular shoes, transforming their shoe into something special for all types of occasions; it also enables brides to create the ideal shoe to complement their wedding gown on their special day.

One of the top shoe accessories available is heel jewels. Heel jewels enable you to transform your stilettos into spectacular shoe items for all types of special occasions. These items easily sit around the heel of the shoe; you can push them up to your required height on the heel, adding a little glitz and glamour when heading to a formal cocktail party, wedding or even birthday party.

The great thing about shoe accessories is that they can be removed with ease, enabling you to change your shoe design without changing your shoe. These items do not cause any damage to the shoe, so you can chop and change your style to meet your requirements on a daily basis without concern.

Boot chains are stylish and elegant and come in a choice

Top Shoes For Women

Office shoes

There is a huge variety of shoes for office wear.  A classic office shoe is a standard black shoe with varying heel heights.  Shoes with heels of four to eight centimetre heels are favourite.  If you need to be comfortable you’ll usually go for shoes with a lower heel height of under  four centimeters, unless you feel comfortable wearing shoes with up to eight centimeter heels for more than eights hours a day.  I have a few friends who are less than five foot in height and they all wear their office shoes with heels at least eight centimeters. They like the extra height the heels give them. Work shoes need to be comfortable and look good at the same time.

Fashion shoes

These are exactly what it says, shoes that in fashion at the moment.  Fashion shoes are fashionable only for one season and will date very quickly.  If you have a limited budget go for a cheaper shoe and change them often.  It’s fabulous if you have an unlimited budget and can buy the top designer fashions as they arrive off the catwalks.  Most of us mere mortals have to wait